Fewer, better is the philosophy behind everything we do. Imago Leather create timeless collections for the modern man & woman through carefully selected natural premium quality leather, hand-crafted with love by our expert artisans

Imago Leather is a young brand created in Sydney, Australia located in the artistic commercial city. Imago Leather renewed and refreshed every day not only by its designs but by our wonderful team that gives it life. People who work as a team, enriching each other and giving their best to offer their customers unique pieces of quality made by hand and with a premium natural leather. All products are carefully designed in Australia & undergo many quality check processes by our team of leather quality experts.


Our products are designed to last a lifetime. The purchase of Imago Leather product is the start of what we hope will be a long lasting relationship between you and us. Create something to cherish for years from our range of handmade leather products.

We uphold a tradition of reliable and attractive leather goods to last a lifetime. All our products are designed in our Australian studio. Our hardware is solid brass, hand-tooled in small batches.

Each one ofour leather products have been lovingly handcrafted and they are as unique and individual as the people who buy them. Like us humans, our bags have their own individual characters. Some may have wrinkles, some may have scars, there are no clones in our store and we are proud of their individual beauty.

Perfectly imperfect, Imago leather will be your companion for life.


Our mission is to provide an alternative to disposable culture, creating beautiful, functional products characterized by their simplicity and cherished for decades, not months. Taking a modern approach to traditional fashion, every product encapsulates the pure design values Imago Leather stands for: Useful. Minimal. Beautiful.